Web Design Software

Web Design Software


The web design software from the multimedia specialist, MAGIX, is called Xara Web Designer and offers users a quick and easy introduction into the world of web design to meet any online need. The program features numerous web design templates and easy integration of widgets for photo galleries, maps, contact forms, etc. that you can create a customized website in a matter of minutes.ne package for everyone your design requirements print also web Advanced photo editing and improving Intuitive, industry-leading vector drawing tools Great text handling including page layout WYSIWYG code-free web design plus free web hosting combined Online presentations including interactive graphics plus animations. Includes Online Designer for remote editing and collaboration Online Content Catalog with more than 3,000 web & print design elements

For many people, the term “web design software” sounds like something that only professionals would use. But there is no need to get intimidated, and there are many products that have been specifically designed for the needs of users with limited experience to help them get professional results.

The program also works around the drag and drop concept making it fast and easy for the user to add and edit content like text, images, and video on their web pages. This program the perfect solution for Windows users who want to create and publish their website. Web design software doesn’t need to be complicated to use or understand to offer Windows users amazing results.

With Xara Web Designer anyone can create their online presence without having to get help from IT experts! That’s because Xara Web Designer is as easy to use. The easy to understand editor in this web design software offers functions for creating websites that meet the high demand of professional web designers. The secret behind this web design software is the intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and learn. What you see in the interface of the program is what visitors will see online.

This principle is called “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) and makes it possible for anyone to design a website without having to learn complicated programming skills. Making your website doesn’t get any easier when what you see in the program window is exactly the way it will look online. This makes it possible to create sites with your edited photos, text or any other kind of design element and to see exactly how they will look together on the page. Navigation bars, graphics or buttons can be positioned on the website using the mouse allowing the user to see the effect immediately without having to struggle with abstract HTML code.